My Mom’s Amazon Job.

Hello, today I am going to write about “My Mom’s Amazon Job”.

My Mom got hired in October for the Job, and started in November, after we went to England. My Mom wanted the Job because she needed extra money for Christmas, Taxes, etc, luckily she got the Job and still has it. The Job is about four minutes from the house, which is really convenient because it saves ALOT of gas. My Mom works their at Night, so she can be their for us, during the day.

During the Job my Mom does a thing called water spider, as a Water Spider you use a pole with a large roll of saran wrap at the Bottom, and you wrap 6 and a Half foot pallets (which is the same height as my Dad). Once the Pallets are wrapped they get taken to different loading docks so they can be picked up, and sent to different post offices for delivery. I thought that Amazon was only delivered at FedEx and UPS.

My Mom likes this job because the people she works with are really friendly. She gets to talk Adults, which is something that she doesn’t get to do very often, because she works from home on websites. She also likes the job because it is indoors and they direct deposit her paycheck on Fridays like clockwork, she says “Sometimes, people who work for a small business don’t get payed because the small business is short on money that week”. My Mom has a set schedule every week, which she can rely on.

I am glad my Mom has found a part time job, which makes her happy and gives her excercise.

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  1. Nice post, Boston!

    Being a Water Spider sounds cool!!

    A tip for future posts…
    “Their” is used when talking about peoples’ possessions. “Their toys/jobs/t-shirt’s are really cool!”

    “They’re” is a conjunction (mash up) for “they are”. The best way to tell if this is the correct one to use is to read it aloud and say “they-are”.

    “There” is a bit trickier, but can be used to describe a place. “The ball is over there.” Or it can be used to introduce a noun. “There is a ball.” Or it can be used to emphasize which person. “That guy there is eating an ice cream cone!”

    Hope this helps!

    They’re playing with their toys over there!

    Much love,

  2. I think this was your best Blog ever. Well written. Good sentences & fun to read. Your Mum is very hard working & really loves you & London & Julie. Look after her. Love you very much Granny XX

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