My New Hair Color

2 days ago I dyed my hair dark blue. I did it at my friend’s house. my brothers is a little brighter. The reason why we were there was we were at the museum and we were about to leave but Boston wanted to go so we went. we were supposed to be picked up a few hours later but Rachel had to go to the ER for reasons. I was sad but after we went to a place at their library which had a thing called stem. we used this kind of robot things that will make noise, move, and light up. I made a funny tickler that “slowly’s whisper in your ear,” which means yells in your ear. I thought it was pretty funny.

after that, we went back to the house and we got our hair bleached. It only took a few minutes then it was fully bleached. then after dinner, we got the dye in and then a few minutes later it was finished. I loved it so much when it was done. It is super awesome and easy. We were trying to figure out who had theirs darker which was mine when my mom saw it the next day.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another one soon.


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