My plans to live in a van

I have recently had the Idea of living in a cargo van. It will let me travel and everything will be perfect for me and what I like. I hope you enjoy and I shall tell you about my plans.

I would have a online job where I could make websites or another thing. It would help me not be limited to one area and I wouldn’t have to take much time off of work but just do it in spare time of the day. Working with my mom to design website would be my first choice since I can learn around now and become good when I start living in a cargo van. I wouldn’t change the exterior much but the interior will be completely different except for the front mostly.

I would have a hammock for a bed to save space. I could just push it up and clamp it to the ceiling. I would use a Led light to power it. I would have a color changing kind so I can use them for seeing and when I just want to mess around. The kind I have is a little small for it but I can just get another and make it longer to wrap around the entire exterior. I would have a solar panel to charge the lights and charge smaller things and I could use the car battery for bigger things that I can’t charge with the solar panel.

I have not figured out most of it but when I’m 18 I’ll have it all sorted out. I hope you enjoyed my blog and I will write tomorrow

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