Neodymium is a element that is commonly associated with Neodymium Magnets. There atomic number is 60 and it is located next to Praseodymium and Promethium. Something cool about neodymium is that it is classified as rare earth even though it is not then rare and is as common as copper and most of Neodymium is mined in China

Neodymium was discovered in 1885 by Von Welschbach and was first commercially used in 1927 where it was used as glass dyes. I think it is kinda cool how long it took for it to be used commercially because Cmon, 43 Years then they decided “Let’s find a use for this Metal so we can do something with it”. Then now use Neodymium as powerful magnets which are used for projects and as magnets for magnet fishing which is where you use a big magnet to pick up things from body of water.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy my blog and I will write tomorrow. I’m sorry for not writing about Thor: Ragnarok it’s just that there was a change in plan to watch it so I decided to do it on a later date. Bye


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