Image of Neptune from National Post (Not Uranus they just look alike)

This is my last blog about the planets in our solar system I hope you enjoy my blog about Neptune.

  1. Neptune is the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes Poseidon is the name the ancient Romans gave him. But originally it was named Le Verrier because Jean Joseph Le Verrier is who discovered Neptune. The name was abandoned.
  2. Neptune has 5 very thin rings made of ice and dust. It also has 14. Its largest moon is Triton, In Greek mythology Neptune’s son, who had a human head and body but a fish tail, its size is 1,680 miles or 2,710 kilometers and it also has a retrograde orbit to Neptune. The smallest named Nix which in Greek mythology was the personification of the night and its size is 85.1 miles big or 136.9552 kilometers.
  3. Neptune has the second largest gravity, Jupiter has the largest gravity.
  4. Neptune is partially the reason Pluto is not a planet, its orbit intersects with Pluto’s, one of the rules of planets is that it has to be able to clear anything in its orbital path.  Wich should also make Neptune a dwarf planet, but I guess its just a factor.
  5. Neptune has a dark sport which is a storm the size of earth, kinda like Jupiter great red spot.
  6. Neptune’s temp is -353.2 Fahrenheit or -214 Celsius.

This has been my blog, my next one will be most likely about space still, maybe I will blog about the asteroid belts in our solar system. Also I may blog about gods, it is really interesting to see how people from different places thought about gods from other places.

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