New York’s bad weather

For a couple of days New York is having a bad time with the weather because the snow is 6 feet tall and lots of people are stuck. 5 people have died  1 died from snow on top of him in his car.

What is dangerous about a big snowstorm?iBCzV3.xvZRM

The thing that is dangerous is the temperature because its really cold and most people die of the cold. You can get stranded in your car and not be able to get out of the snow or be seen if your car is covered in snow. Snow is very heavy and if your car is under it you can’t smash a window to get out and it is also a sound blanket so people can’t hear you underneath it.

How can you prepare to be safe in a big snowstorm?

You can prepare for a snowstorm is some water, some food , warm blankets, and full snow gear.


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