Niflheim Neifhel and Muspelheim Norse mythology

Today Im going back to norse mythology and writing about two basically opposites. Niflheim is cold and Muspelheim is hot. Neifhel is cold but weird.


Neifheim is dark cold and misty. To some accords of Norse mythology it is Between Hel and Neifenhel. In other accounts it connected  to Ginnungagap, a void that creates stuff. Also it is where jerks live in other different accounts, still ruled by Hel.


Neifhel is considered the lowest levels of Hel. That is literally all I can find, I am not even sure if its legit. Oh well


Muspelheim is the home to the fire giants (Duh) and its name seems to mean (The end of the world through fire) which could be true. A giant  lead his people into a battle against the gods in Ragnarok (Not marvel but I like how they paralel). Or Muspelheim is a person, most of the stuff is weird.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and it was understandable. Im not sure if norse mythology is done for me but if it is I am going to Greek mythology, I have read about it and it seems interesting. Also I am certain the first two are different. Also sorry Most of the last one has a lot of unknown stuff.

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  1. Take out the “duh” and “oh well” please.

    Can you write a little more background because I didn’t know if these were people or planets or lands on the same planet. Is Hel like hell? Just a different spelling?

    Its a bit unclear, try reading it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know anything about Norse Mythology.

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