Norwegian airlines | Dreamliner 787-788

Norwegian airlines has three types of planes,Dreamliner 787, Boeing 737-800, and the Boeing 7373 MAX 8. We are going to fly on the Dreamliner 787-788. The plane has three seats in each row and 3 columns. Most of the planes have Premium economy which has better seats and less people. It cost more because it’s better but you get faster on the plane. Reclining seat, more foot room, and faster food.

Economy is still nice compared to other planes. The reason is because it has 65% bigger windows, smart mood lighter, tons of foot room, the roof lights up, and much more. We are going to sit in row 14 and we have seats A, B, C, and D. I’m go to sit In D. My brother, Boston is going to sit in A, Julie will be in B and Mom will be in C.

I can’t wait and If you have any stories of going to England let me know. I also hope this blog was informative for people flying Norwegian airlines.



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  1. That’s a nice jet. I looked up the plane on seatguru. Bring your chargers on the plane. They have ac outlets! Very nice. I look forward to hearing of your adventures!


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