Old friends

I remember this when the friends I am talking about (let’s call them Calvin and Doug because of their usernames) call me last night. So I’m going to write about some of our stories about our gaming group. We only played on Minecraft so these are where the stories are taking place. I hope you enjoy this blog and I will write tomorrow.

We met them at our old server. We met them, talked with them, and eventually played with them. We played for about a year till we lost contact till now. We once tried to make a club on the server and we got close but we didn’t have a mechanism to keep out non group members. It was a huge area and after we made the outside we just stopped for no reason. We also made two hotels and one was hidden and the other was not. It was free to get a hotel room but there were rules and you would get kicked out after breaking three rules.

We also played on a jailbreak server and we made a big house and it was really nice. I got up to rank J, Calvin was L, Doug was M, and Boston was H. We didn’t play on that server for long. We would sorta make videos but they weren’t good. We had done so much together and we never fought. We played hunger games together, Fought each other, and built together. I hope today

goes good with them on Roblox so we can play more.

I hope everyone who reads this blog enjoys it and I will write soon


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  1. Moments when you get to share time with friends and really connect is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It sounds like you had a great time.


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