Our Adventure (Dual Blog)

Hello everyone, Boston and I are going to be writing about our adventure. Our adventure was that Boston and I went to the movies alone and went shopping afterwards. I hope you enjoy our blog and we will be writing alone tomorrow.

We started our day off with picking Todd up from a transmission garage because his Jeep needed to have its transmission repaired, Go a mall to drop off our sister with her friend so they could shop, and going to target to pick stuff up before we got to the movies. When we were at Target, They were widening their aisles so they had to move their aisles to start putting them back one by one. There was a huge gap where aisles were supposed to be, the aisles were moved over to this one area. the aisles were so small, you couldn’t have to carts next to each other. Even weirder was the signs were in the wrong areas so you had to look more with out the help of signs.

After we checked out, Mom gave us $20 to buy concessions with. She helped us a little with the tickets. We showed them our tickets and that is when mom left since she knew we didn’t need help with anything. We bought 2 large drinks and a large popcorn. We watched Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle. It was really good and we hope you’ll watch it too.

The movie theater was empty when we got in. It was so weird to see a empty theater without and body talking (except for us). Boston walked up and down the aisles with his arms out. London thought it was really funny because we done something like it before. It was where Boston ran around the theater because we got their thirty minutes early. People eventually came but it not many. We counted 5 people not counting us in the theater. During the end of the movie, an alarm went of which told us to meet Mom at the entrance to pick us up. So we went to the entrance to ask her for another hour because we said to meet at two. She already realized that and told us we could have another hour and to change our alarm.

We didn’t go back in since the movie already finished so we went shopping. We first went to Hot Topic since that is where we wanted to got the most. We looked around for 20 minutes . Boston bought Funko Pop which are collectible figures. London didn’t get anything since he didn’t want anything there. We stopped at a store named Zumiez but their was nothing we wanted so we left a minutes later without buying anything. We had to go pee so we went to a Subway and went their. We didn’t buy anything there since we weren’t hungry and we had drinks. We called mom so we could be picked up early. We both had a ton of fun and we want to do it again soon.

I hope you enjoyed our blog and we will be writing more dual blog on the future. Have and nice day

-Boston and London

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