My England Adventure: The Flight

This blog is the first one since I went to England. I am going to write about the flight to England. I hope you enjoy this blog and there will be more blogs about England and our trip.

The Flight

When we got at the airport we hugged Todd goodbye the went into the airport. We checked in and headed off the security. there was no hassle until they had to make sure that Rachel’s ashes were actually ashes. We put the stuff we took out at security back in our bag and headed off for the waiting area for the plane to arrive.

Mom and I went to get drinks for everyone. I got a tea, mom and Julie got coffee, and Boston got a slushee. We waited for about 10 minutes and then boarding started. Someone had a giraffe neck pillow. I got to my seat which had a walkway through it. I sat next to two strangers. They had a whole bag of candy.

When we were in the air I started my first of my movies, Baby driver. It is a really good movie. The characters are really cool. I thought it was one of my favorites of all time.after I watch some shows and played games as well. The game I mostly played was Solitaire. I didn’t beat the game though which sucks.

When we got of the plan it was 6 am in England . The car ride was cool since of was in the passenger seat and since the drivers on the right I was on the left. The person who drove me and Boston was our cousin, Zoey. She was really nice and even put on our favorite songs. When we got to the home where we were staying I pretty much hit the bed and pasted out.

I hope everyone who reads this thanks it was a good blog and story.



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  1. So glad you had a good flight. Have you worked out how many miles you flew? I think approx 6,000 miles.
    Auntie Andrea loves to fly. Do you read my replies to your Blog? I really enjoy reading them. Much love to you & your family.

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