Our trip to Salida, Colorado

We went to Salida, Colorado the other day and I thought it would be cool to share.Here is an update of jump rope for heart that might be cool to hear.  At our school, Options the total money earned for jump rope for heart was over $800 and we were the highest people to donate at $160 dollars . Our granny gave us $160 dollars for the charity. Thank you to granny and everyone else who donated. But now I shall start this blog

Some of us were pumped to go and other weren’t. I was one of the people who were so pumped. I had Modern Family season 7 on my Ipad which felt so nice. We packed our clothes and got to play with ours friends outside too. We left at around 3-4pm and got there at around 7pm. I got to have a Coca-Cola. everyone else also got drinks (except Rachel). We went to the parking lot by the gas station where we got the drinks so I could pass them out. We had to make chili in the car which was cool and in Todd’s car (the one I went in) had the chili in it so I could cook. I fell asleep for a hour after being passing some mountains and woke up by mountains and 20 minutes later, Mom and Todd drove to a jerky place with vegan jerky. They weren’t open so we drove away. The drive finished an hour after the Jerky place and arrived to the hotel.

I shared a room with Boston, Julie, and Rachel. Mom and Todd shared their own room. 30 minutes later, We ate the chili which was amazing. I finished my food so I got to have some candy. I called my dad and told him where we were and he just finished driving from Texas for some business thing and was happy to call me  We fell asleep watching a movie which was so nice. I hope you guys and girls enjoyed the blog and I will write a blog soon.

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  1. Love this. Go through and proofread it a little bit.

    I’m glad you had fun. I’d love to go to Colorado Springs for a couple of days at the end of next month if Rachel recovers quickly. Maybe you can blog about places in Colorado Springs to go visit (including your birth place)?

    <3 Mom

  2. Well done London. I like your writings. Did you consider writing for a young peoples magazine or paper.Granny was pleased to help you raise money. You worked hard & it shows. I wrote to Boston today & will write to you soon. Granny & Grandad have been married for 50 years which is half a century !! We are going to England to celebrate in 2 weeks. Keep on writing. I love you very much. Love Granny XX

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