Outlaw Archtype

Image of dog standing on no in no dogs allowed from Lifebuzz

Today my blog will be about the Outlaw archetype. They either break the rule because the rule is stupid or because they can. I hope you enjoyed my blog.

The Outlaw might just do little stuff like put trash in recycling or steal food because they need it or someone else does. They know what is right and what is wrong and live by it till the end. They may be animated by people who know them because of lack of support from them or they may alienate themselves instead. They are however willing to listen to any point of veiw

If a outlaw is evil they might kill people to get a point across or stealing money even if they don’t need it. They do not break the rules out of need or because the rule is corrupt, they do not have a point. Another thing that they might do is make their own rules, because they think it’s right (Corrupt point of view). They do what they want and cannot be stopped without a force as strong as them.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about the  Outlaw/Rebellious Archetype. My next blog will be about the Leader Archetype because I have a really funny photo for it. Bye

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