Overwatch’s new event and and a few things that happened this and last weekend.

There newest event is Year of The Rooster A.K.A Journey to The West. They have released 6 of the skins. There is a skin for D.Va, Roadhog, Winston, Zenyatta, Reinhardt and Mei. I think Roadhog is the best because his skin is a huge pig that is in the story Journey to The West. I hope that the game is Roadhog, Winston, Zenyatta and Reinhardt. and they get fought so they have team up and kill them and every few battles there  will be a boss and If you defeat all the bosses you get a medal. All difficulty will have different medals and if you get into a match and Everyone has the right skins there will be a another special achievement and spray or line. I really hope for the event but I do not know how it is going to go. It might be 4v4 or PVE. I think it will be fun as PVE but no if 4v4 because it will add another player for each it will pick the characters so everyone will know how to counter them.I just can’t wait for the 24th even though there is only a week to do everything. I hope fully get two or more of the skins.

I just got a new game called Destiny and It won’t work for our PS3 and any disc for that matter. I got it at gamestop for 10 dollars so I saved 20 bucks. I glad I did not buy a new copy and only Pre-Owned. Also last week our fish, Iron Man 5 died during the Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys. It was very sad and he lost alot of his color so Boston didn’t see it get flushed. I was very said. Also this week Green Bay Packers lost against the Atlanta Falcons so it is Patriots vs Falcons.

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  1. I was so sad about Iron Man but glad he lived such a long life. Sorry about the PS3, hopefully we can get it fixed soon, or buy a used on at a pawn shop. Pawn shops depress me.

    Looking forward to the next two big football games. Maybe you can write a blog about appetizers for the super bowl and we can all make some?

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