Pens and Markers

Today I will be blogging about pens uses and that kind of stuff.


Photo from Pinterest .

Gel gel pen ink is made of water based gel, it shows up well because it is sick. In this way it is better than felt tip or ballpoint pens because they also don’t fade, a downside to this is they smudge because they’re ink is watery. Gel pens are good for Zen tangles, sketching altogether and writing. I love they because they can be bright , glittery , metallic  and pastel. 

Photo from Pinterest. 

Ballpoint pens are good for writing because they have their in replaceable, but are an able to be used on Chapstick which is a good thing if you are a messy writer because you can just put chapstick on your writing(I know it’s out of the blue).


Photo from Pinterest.

Permanent Markers are usually made of inks and xylene . Permanent markers are used for marking foods and anything else is needed and some drawings permanent markers should not be given to children because they stain easily.

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Washable Markers are mostly for children because they actually come off, they are almost in every every house in America with young children were coloring books, basic drying and anything else they want.

I hope you enjoyed my blog! The pictures are not mine. They are all from Pinterest. 

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