Pius Thicknesse and The seven Potters

Pius Thicknesse was on the order of the phoenix but went to the dark side and told them the order of the phoenix plans

This made half of them become harry potter (also know as The Seven Potters) so the wouldn’t focus on harry potter which killed hedwig, Mad Eye Moody, and Georges left ear. In the book. Kingsley, Arthur, Lupin, And when Harry Potter was Interrogated Hagrid asked why not interrogate me. Which Lupin responded that It dosent work on half giants.

After Harry decided to leave the day after Bills And Fleur’s wedding just to be nice. But then Kinglsey’s patronus warned them but Then Death Eaters were there and they had Apparate away but Then 2 Death eaters attacked them which they Obliviated this battle for them

But they had to first Transfigure the Ghoul to look like Ron with spattergoit, Second they had to pack stuff with George, Fred, and Mr. Weasley with Undetectable Extension Charm. But when they Came back. They were given The Beetle and the bard, A hand Made Deluminator, and the snitch that Harry caught his first year. It had The resurrection stone Which helped defeat Voldemort and Make Harry one of the masters of death.

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