Planets that might be habitable

I was looking at planets and i have found these as habitable ones

  1. Kepler-186f , It’s in the habitable zone it may be rocky . But it is nearly to far out to be in the Goldilocks zone so it would be colder , when people say Kepler-186f is earth’s twin they are wrong because its star is also a red dwarf star and is cooler than our sun which is a yellow dwarf. It’s like earth’s cousin. The way life could live here it this planet had a thick atmosphere which it may and life would have to adapt to the radiation levels here.
  2. Tau Ceti E , is close to the inner area of the Goldilocks zone which means the species that live there have to love heat otherwise they couldn’t live there without struggles. The temperature can go up to 158 fahrenheit. The life here would have to be good at retaining water like camels otherwise they would die.
  3. Tau Ceti F , is basically Tau Ceti E younger sibling because there in the solar system and is alike Tau Ceti E expect the planet is on the edge of the Goldilocks zone and gets 27% of light than earth because Tau Ceti E covers this planet , so its average temperature is 32 Fahrenheit to 122 Fahrenheit. Tau can’t keep heat well , So the life on this planet would have to easily adapt or be very advanced .
  4. Gliese 581 C is a very strange planet that may be able to support life because its tidal locked, one side always faces the sun which would kill you because it’s as hot as venus and the other never has  which would freeze you, but in the middle there’s a strip that is perfect for life. It’s so promising that we sent a signal to see if there’s a reply .
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  1. Julie that was a lot of interesting facts Well done. What planet would you like to visit in the future & why.
    Love you Granny XX

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