Playstation 3

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to be writing about PlayStation 3. I hope you enjoy and I will write soon about another console.I hope you have a nice day and Goodbye

A PS3 (known as a PlayStation 3) is a console that was made in 2006 but since then they have made thinner and more sleek versions. The one I had first was a super slim style which was made in 2012. There is also a slim version which was made in 2009.

I think ps3 are cool because how old they are yet they still have nice graphics. I first got my in 2012 where I was shown the game, Little Big Planet. I played this game mostly with Boston and we both loved it. My favorite part was customization and the grapple hook gun. I finished the story but not the game completely.

Another game I played a lot was Call of Duty: Ghost. I wasn’t to good but I liked the game. I have fond memories of playing by myself for 3 hours in the morning. I got to Prestige 2 which means I have hit level 100 twice. I have only prestige’s twice in another game. That game is Overwatch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and have a nice day. Make sure to read Julie’s and Boston’s blogs.


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