Pluto’s planetary status

Today my blog will be about Pluto and why it should be a planet and why not. The reason Im blogging about this is because mom is telling me to blog about it. I hope you enjoy my blog.

First, the definition of a Planet is:

1. A planet must orbit the sun (That’s kinda broken, because that means there are only 8 planets in existence).

2. A planet must have enough gravity to pull itself into a sphere

3. A planet must have a pull strong enough to clear its orbit .

Also these are the suggested rule changes that and quite simple but a little flawed:

1. A planet must have a round shape.

2. A planet must have never went through fusion. (When two or more pieces become one)

3. A planet must smaller than a star. Which I think these rules make sense but need to changed a little.

Reasons pluto should be a planet.

Well of all, if the rules change did happen it would become a planet.  Also maybe it should be if its 2 out of three Scientists should weigh it out in my opinion. (There is not much science to it if your read about it. Which I find weird)

Reasons Pluto should not be a planet.

One of the reasons Pluto is not a planet is because Scientists found out it was in the Kuiper belt and ‘Planets must clear its orbit of other objects’. Also, there would be way to many planets in the solar system to count if the rules were changed, completely unedited. There would be 102 and counting planets in our solar system which would give us 110 planets all together, even our moon would be a planet!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and my next one will be about Twenty One Pilots because my mom also is telling me to blog about them.

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  1. Well done Julie. I enjoyed your Blog & am intrigued to know what 21 pilots is all about. It is hard writing daily on a particular subject. Maybe you want suggestions or maybe Mom has a list for you. Maybe you could write about a book you are currently reading or listening too. I won a school prize on one of my short stories. Have you tried writing a make believe ghost story? George was on my chest when Mum called .He weighs 18.5 pounds of pure love. Sheba is 8 pounds. Chat soon Granny XX

    1. Twenty One Pilots is a band (With only two people in it) and all of their music has a underlying meaning, most of it religious but religion isn’t the main focus. I usually blog about Norse mythology but today Mom told me to blog about something else. Right now I am listening to the Maze Runner series and I am in the middle of it, it’s really interesting. I have tried to make up ghost stories but I am not good at writing ghost stories. Im glad the cats are still good. Health wise at least, are they still playful?

  2. I find Pluto to be an interesting planet ( use to be I guess I have no idea when they changed that!). Since Pluto is so far from Earth would the years you live be the same or?
    If I am reading correctly are you saying Pluto is smaller then a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is crazy I never knew that.
    Yes, I agree I can not even remember all the 9 planets in our solar system much less then 110. I enjoyed your Blog!!
    I will be waiting to read about the “Twenty One Pilots” since I have lived in a cave and do not even know what that means. 🙂

    1. Well, the reason our years are the way they are is because it takes Earth 365 days to orbit the sun. So the if we moved / Inhabited Pluto we would keep track of Earth years so we wouldn’t be confused but also pluto years so we can keep up with that. But if we lived on Pluto originally our years would be way longer. The stars look so small is because they are so far away, our sun is a star (I do not know why we named it the sun). To clarify, there are 8 planets, Pluto was the 9th and also 5 dwarf planets.

      Twenty One Pilots is one the most popular bands today I bet you can recognize some of their music without even realizing it, there on the radio a lot.

  3. Great job Julie I don’t know anything about planets but it sounds good to me !!! Keep up the good work ❤️ I look forward to reading about thinkmgs you are interested in as well . I love you all 😘

  4. Nice job Julie, The girls and I look forward to your future blogs. I’m sorry I’m so late to the party, we’ve been dealing with the flu three past two weeks. Pluto is sounding better every day. 🙂

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