Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a game in which you walk around and use your pokeballs to catch them. You go to pokestops if you have no pokeballs. and when you reach lvl 5 you are able to fight gyms and claim them. there are 144 pokemon you can collect and a few of them can only be caught in different continents. one time me and my brother, Boston used 40 pokeballs and didn’t catch the pokemon we wanted, a Zubat. people have died from the game buts its decreased child obesity in 24 hours then michelle obama in 8 years.

You can name Eevee sparky to Jolteon, Pyro to get Flareon, and rainer to get Vaporeon.we all ready evolved a few pokemon. we really want to get a new pokemon but we only have 5 pokeballs. we have a rare pokemon, Tauros which is because he is only in North america. I hope you really enjoyed my

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