Hello, today I’m writing a blog on Pokemon which is a cool card game  Julie, London, and I all love, because of the cool cards like the GXs, EX, Megas, Primal, Breaks, Secret Rares, Full Arts, and last but not least the lesser known Primes. If I were to make a list of Pokemon cards they should make they would be… (Atleast some)

  • Greninja GX
  • Primal Greninja EX
  • Alolan Greninja
  • Prime Greninja (If they started making more primes)
  • Mega Greninja EX
  • Mega Raichu EX
  • Raichu EX

These next ones are not cards just mentioning

  • (This one is just because Porygon needs to be on the show again)

Pokemon are really cool and the first part on this list should be sent to them (atleast Raichu should get more love because Pikachu gets all the love in the evolution just because he is the mascot of Pokemon)

If you haven’t started Pokemon and you desire doing so well then do it (JUST DO IT)

Now i am going to list the Games I am going to get if I get a DS by order

  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon Black 2
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White 2
  • etc,

Overall Pokemon is a very good game and everyone should check it out (if they haven’t already) I give Pokemon a very big score in my opinion, I give it a 11/10


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  1. Very interesting Boston. Ryan your cousin was very into Pokemon. You should E mail him to see if he has any cards he wants to find a new home for. I look forward to all your posts but most of all I am looking forward to seeing you soon. We booked an aisle seat so you can take pictures of all the States you will be flying over. How many States will that be? I love you Granny

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