Rachel, My dear sister

Rachel passed away on April 8th, 2017 at 11:03 Pm. It was very sad when I was told the next day because we were with our day. Today is her birthday so Im going to write this blog. I hope you guys and girls find my writing okay in this blog because we are still really sad about it. 🙂

Rachel loved planes and so did I so, I would read to her stuff about plans which she really liked. I would tickle her all the time and arm wrestle. She always won. She loved all of our family members including Todd. Rachel loved granny and would always want to talk with her. She was also really caring for us and did not want us to get hurt. She even held a tarantula when she was scared of them to prove that she was really brave. She also loves harry potter so we read to her it and sometimes we would listen to it in the car because 3 people wanted it and 2 didn’t.

I hope everyone will learn something for her that it doesn’t  matter if you are handicapped but it matters if you are happy and positive.  I wish she was still alive because I was one of her best friends. Make sure to comment about your favorite thing about Rachel. Mine is how positive and brave she was. I would put on Netflix shows for her. Her favorite shows I think were Noddy and ICarly. She always wanted Noddy on all the time so we would put it on. Boston some times uses the Ipad which might help him. I hope he does a blog on his Ipad so he can remember her a little better. I wish she was in no pain when she died. She had alot of friends.

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  1. London that was a very sweet tribute to Rachel. She loved all her family & always wanted them to be happy.
    Thank you for being a wonderful big brother to her. When you put on her movies or her music that made her very happy.Rachel never complained about losing her sight or her ability to walk or talk. She set a good example to all of us. Grandad & I went to Cape Cod today to Rachels favorite places & to the Christmas tree shops

  2. This was an excellent post about Rachel. I love that she liked iCarly, because that was one of my favorite shows!

  3. lol I remember the last thing her and I talked about she told me she still loved lobsters but not to tell her mom!

  4. It was lovely to read each of your memories that you have written on Rachel’s birthday to recall some of the many happy times you all had together.

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