It has been six weeks this Saturday since Rachel has passed. I remember when she used to lock the car door because she thought it was funny, and when she used to ask to call Granny every day because she loved granny the most and occasionally Sarah, Halley, Abby, Uncle Adrian, Uncle Clive, Gina, Mrs. Petrocelli , Mrs. Donato and Ryan. Also how she used to say every single day how beautiful I was and how she loved my hair. Third how any time the cats could they would of cuddle her all of the time, they never stopped fighting until they were on Rachel. She was also fearless, except for spiders witch she got over after meeting a tarantula named Rosie but she was still a             Me and Rachel at a Park           little scared of them. She also loved to watch any movie and shows, except scary ones, she loved to eat  popcorn and hang out with us. Movies and shows she liked iCarly , Fifty  Firsts Dates Cat in the Hat She also wanted me to braid her hair and do her makeup and nails, she did not like me cutting her nails so much. I did love talking to her about the cats and dog. She loved being silly, laughing , telling  jokes watching funny movies and making silly faces.

I hope you learned about Rachel.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely Blog about Rachel. You were an excellent big sister to Rachel & a very big helper to Mom.You did all you could to take care of Rachel. Bringing her water or food (which she loved) & babysitting her & your brothers when Mum had to go out.You have always been very supportive of your Mother & so kind to Rachel. Granny & Grandad are very proud of you as I know Mom is. Your writing is great & you get better each time.It has been so very difficult for you & your brothers to watch Rachel deteriorate & see the devastation this has caused to you & your family. Keep being strong, I know this is not easy. Rachel will live in our memories for ever. Love you Julie. Look after Mom for me. Granny XX

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