Rachel’s Surgery

Rachel just had surgery so I going to do a blog about it and add a picture about Dunkin donuts for entertainment. I hope you guys and girls enjoy this and I will write on tomorrow. P.s. The paragraphs might be small but I wrote from and I pad.

So a few weeks ago, Rachel got a bladder infection so I slept over at my friend’s house. They talked about a surgery where she wouldn’t really pee anymore I would just go through a tube and into a bag. I didn’t want it to happen. so I would help my mom because she bought this stuff to help. She would get juice with it so I it didn’t taste bad. I would put the stuff in and give it to her. My mom loved me doing it.

But, In February my mom decided on that surgery. I was anxious at first but then I forgot till 2 weeks before the surgery. I tried to help mom but sometimes I would forget and not be extra helpful. On Saturday, We got Rachel a French crawler to make her happy. I was glad mom thought of that or I wouldn’t of.

On Tuesday, Julie and I didn’t go to school but Boston was crying to go so Todd took him. After school, we were supposed to go to there house and eat but mom didn’t want to go. Mom, Julie and I play videogames. It was really fun until we had to go to bed. I slept with my mom because of a fly in my room that was really annoying.

The next morning, I woken up and didn’t see my mom so I fell back asleep. I dreamed of something weird but I don’t remember it much. I just remember My mom and me in the dream. I woke up another time but remembered they were at the hospital. I asked mom has the surgery started and she answered that she was going to help Rachel fall asleep in 10 minutes. I comforted her for a little until she help Rachel fall asleep for the surgery. After the surgery, Todd went to the hospital. P.s. The hospital was The Denver Children’s hospital. So mom had vegan orange chicken then Todd left to go to sleep. After Rachel woke up from the surgery, I face timed my mom to talk to Rachel and her. She sounded bored and admitted to be being bored. I said Hi to Rachel and mainly spoke to mom. I talked to mom for and hour then stopped to eat dinner. At 8pm, Mom came back because she was worked we would be stolen and so she sleeped with Boston.

Today, Rachel is still there but more happy. I talked to Rachel for half an hour then left to do something. That leads back to now while I am writing to you guys and girls. I hope the blog was good and I will write another an extension to this blog about today. Also, for some reason only people who are 13 or older can go but Mom is trying to bring my brother up to see her. I’ve also seen the spot where they had to cut her open.

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