Rainbow Alley

Today I am blogging about Rainbow Alley because I went there yesterday for the first time with a friend. It was really cool, they had some snacks, a coffee pot and a lot more, it was really fun. It wasn’t like those places that are really up tight or stressful. You are only allowed in if you are a parent and want to see it, only once though and if you are in between 11 to 21 so there were not any adults.

There was a little sheet I had to sign, it was about allergies so they know not to offer you something you cant or wont eat. Rainbow Alley also have video games, and some people were playing Super Smash Bros. There were alot of other games too! Mostly everyone there knew each other but they were still verry nice and extremely funny. While everyone was talking about what next to do with rainbow alley it was verry kind and funny it wasn’t only the older kids too everyone was equal and it was really amazing! I was drawing in there for the most part but nobody tried to bug me while I was drawing which was really nice. At the end of the meeting telling us that if anyone was thinking about suicide or self harm that they could call and talk to them. It was very sweet because some people do think about it and they were willing to help.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog!


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  1. Julie I am really happy you had a good time. Getting out of the house is good so you can meet up with other teen aged girls & boys.You probably dont think that as a Granny I understand teenagers but you would be wrong. I was a Girl Scout leader for years & also taught in Sunday School & funnily enough I was a teenager before computers & cell phones were even thought of. Have fun with your friends & try & make new ones. Before you know it you will be all grown up with lots of choices on what you want to do with your life & what career to choose. Its a a very big world out there to face. I am always here to listen if you want to talk My # 617 320 1611. Love you very much. Granny XX

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