Random thoughts I have

From time to time. I have random thoughts and some of them are just plain out hilarious to me for some reason (Probably my dumb sense of humor) But today I shall be telling you some of them in the hopes of you finding them funny like I do. I hope you have a nice day as I have been.

Most of my thoughts occur when I’m sleeping so I don’t remember them. Last night, I thought of random pranks to do on my family like stealing my sisters pack of dum dum and recording videos to show to her and make her do a game just like saw. I will not steal it but put a bounty on it so I don’t have to do the dirty work. I think it would be hilarious to mess around with Julie in a saw style game.

Another Idea I had was learn Braille and only write in that. When a teacher says something like, ” can you translate it for me?,” I will just so I don’t get in trouble. It will be a prank to pull for a week or two until it gets annoying. It’s will also be useful for saying I’m bilingual just so I don’t seem like I’m in the bottom 40% of people who only know one language.

Another one is just to see how long it will take for me to beat a game or just do nothing until I break and have to do something. I would put a blindfold on, not talk, not do anything, not even hear but just wait until I get super bored and get on my iPad. I hope I could break 15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes.

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