Random thoughts

1.Boxes|Boxes are used to store and ship stuff. But kids, We have another Idea which is make a house in it or hide in it. I never done it but I’ve tried. You can also ride in them with someone pulling on it or you get on it after pushing it down a snowy hill. I’ve always wanted to buy a huge cardboard box and make a fort in it since there is a roof and I just cut out a hole.

2.United Airlines|Why do they double book seats and kick people out. I’ve also heard they try and keep the money from the other person who they kicked off. They’re doing it to a lot of people and it is getting them less customers. If they didn’t do it they could of had more customers then now. I don’t like them at all and I don’t want to fly with them because they overbook seats.

3.Animals|animals at places like Petco are scared of people. I think it’s a little weird since animals adapt yet they don’t adapt to being near people. I hope at least it doesn’t affect them after being adopted because that would suck to be scared of people and friends of their owner.

I hope you guys and girls enjoyed this blog and I will write tomorrow. Also next week and for the rest of winter break I am not writing.


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