Reaper is one of the heroes in my favorite videogame, Overwatch. If you read some of my previous blogs you probably know what Overwatch is. Overwatch is FPS (First Person Shooter game where you have to follow the objective to win. so that is a really simple explanation of what the game is so I am going to do a review of one the characters, Reaper. He is one of the evil characters in game. He does alot of damage and is one of the heroes that I fit the way I play the game. Is a little scary but I think it is really cool character concept though. He reloads by throwing his guns to the ground and then pulling out new ones.

A theory to why he doesn’t have to reload and why his shotguns disappear are because they are made out of his own cells. Since all characters have abilities in Overwatch, his abilities are Wraith form, Shadow Step, The reaping, and Death blossom. Wraith form is where he can go into his wraith form where he can does no damage, takes no damage, and moves faster. The next one is Shadow step where he moves from one place to another. The reaping allows him to take souls of enemy’s and get heal from the soul. The final one is Death blossom where he moves in a circle and his shotguns do more damage. During Death blossom, he chants “Die, Die, Die,” 

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog like I did making and I might write more on Wednesday if school is not done

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