Reinhardt is a hero in overwatch. He is classified as a tank hero. He is mostly used in the game for taking damage with is shield and damaging crowds of people. He is useful and used a lot on defense and offense teams. I love the character from the ease to play and the abilities he has that are useful.

His personality is heroic and good. He has saved a town from people calling themselves the dragons. He is old but very tough thanks to his armor. He calls like to say he has German-engineered power. His hero has been pranked on April fools by changing his talking to random lines of his which was hilarious.

His abilities are Fire strike, Charge, Shield, and Earthshatter. His fire strike is a ball of fire that launches itself into a point where you aim. It has a bigger area then a bullet. His second, Charge just charges him in one direction with very little aiming because his ways he moves left to right are slow and don’t really work. 3rd is Shield where he pulls up a Shield with 2000 health and can walk forward slower then usual. Finally, Earthshatter making him fling his hammer down and makes people in a area get knocked down and take damage. It is usually coupled with fire strike or charge.

I hope everyone reading my blogs enjoy them and maybe give me a suggestion for my next blog

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  1. Next time you’re over I’d love to see how you play him. I’ve played these games since doom. I doubt I could win vs you in pvp.

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