Hello Everyone, Today I am going to be talking about one of the programs for the Raspberry. The Program is called Retro Pie and is used to play game. I find it awesome and I’ve been waiting 3 Week to talk about it. I hope you have a good day like I am having, and I will write soon


is a program for the raspberry Pi. You get emulators and other things and it will run them. We got most of the NES games and we are going to get more games and consoles for it. It should be awesome when we are finished. The steps to do it is quite weird but I should be able to learn it quickly.

From the games we have played, I’m the best in the Mario games( Reaching 8-1 in Super Mario 1) and getting the farthest in Super Mario 3. We’ve played other games but this is the most played game on the RetroPie. Julie has also played and she is getting the hang of it which is awesome, We have been using a multi-Console controller for RetroPie. The controller lights up and it is awesome to see and you can see the DualShock 3 Working when playing games using that feature.

The Raspberry Pi with the case it came with.

We are using the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which seems to be the best for running RetroPie. IT can play a lot of consoles and it is the Second fastest Raspberry Pi With Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ beating it. I might upgrade if I really want to but I don’t think the difference is that big.

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  1. Reread. Raspberry Pi (you forgot the Pie) in the first sentence. In the second sentence you wrote “game” but you meant “games.” I know writing comes naturally to you but you still have to remember to go back and reread what you wrote (proofread).

    I think it is super cool that you and your Father were able to load the games onto the Pi and that they work. I haven’t seen some of these games in 20 years so it brings back memories. Maybe we can play on Sunday together if we don’t go on a day trip? Very proud of you, Jack. <3

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