Roblox Part 1

Hello, today I’m writing my first blog on Roblox, I’m making that sound special because well I got my first account in 2014/15 anyway it was called… actually, Im gonna keep all the names secret just in case ;D then I made an account to have 2 of me in 1 game, then I made 2 more accounts (I lost all of these accounts Passwords) and now The account I have is really cool and it is named BostonsRoblocks (I spelt it Roblocks on purpose). Now, I am going to talk about the games Roblox has, Roblox has Many, Many MANY games on its website so many its hard to rank them it would be on a scale from 1-???, anyway later today I’m going to play Roblox. Now, I’m going to talk about events, so basically every now and then you can look to the Left and under events, they might have some events as of writing this the events are Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Innovation Tycoon and I’m actually working on something in Innovation Tycoon and it is in Amusement Park Tycoon and in that game I’m doing REALLY well in it and well the name tells you all its about but it’s really really really really R E A L L Y F U N. Anyway, this is the end of my blog I hope you like it if you didn’t, give me feedback because without feedback I stay the same and I don’t get better. B Y E R E A D ER S.

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  1. I am always glad to give feedback & I do read your Blogs. Please keep doing them as I learn from them too. You are becoming a good writer & I think you could write books on how to play video games. Maybe even make a lot of money. See you soon. Granny XX

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