Roblox (Part 2)

Hello, today I am writing about Roblox Part 2 Edition. I am writing about this A W E S O M E G A M E because I made Part 1 so I figured make Part 2 (So I didn’t make a blog like my Little Big Planet blog when I made a part 1 but part 2 bailed) anyway if you haven’t read Part 1 (Why are you here) go read it… If you’re to lazy to read it then…. Roblox is a free game that requires a e Mail and if you don’t have one then you can be A Friendly Guest and play without one (however Guests can’t Customize, Chat, Hear other chats, or Change their names). If you have a account and wan’t to play with me my Roblox name is BostonsRoblocks (spelt Blocks on purpose) I like this game because there is a lot of customization which is nice and there is a lot of creators making fun games on this website. One of my favorite games is Natural Disaster Survival, which is a game about Disasters like Blizzards, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Flash Floods, Sandstorms, Volcanoes, Meteor Showers, and Earth Quakes. You can also do this thing where you have a bunch of disasters at once which isn’t good because certain disaster combined make it 99.9% impossible which is not good. Ok this is the end of my blog hope you liked it if you did or didn’t give me feedback so I know what to do, thus making my blogs better. B Y E R E A D E R S

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