Ruby’s Birthday Party

Hello, today I will write about Ruby’s birthday barty. Yesterday was Ruby’s birthday party at a Fair thing at the Fair there was a corn maze and we went into the corn maze and Julie and I went together then Julie and I split up. Mom (Kat), Todd (My Moms Boyfriend) and London went together and did not split up. Later I ran into Todd, Mom and London. Julie was in the corn maze lost for an hour or two. Before we went to the corn maze we fed a herd of Goats and we loved petting them and feeling there Horns. The party was very fun and they gave us candy. At the fair there was a Tractor pulling barrel/cart things and you could ride them it was very fun. At the fair they had a Scary corn maze and a Zombie Paintball sadly it was 22$ dollars for both each. That was Ruby’s birthday party.

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