Ruler Archtype

Today my blog will be about the Leader Archetype because I didn’t want to do one tomorrow. The leader archetype wants Authoritah and will do almost anything to have it. I hope you enjoy my blog and it makes sense.

The ruler archetype are forces of power, they can control what they need. They commonly have a ego problem, because they are very highly praised for everything they do. People think they can not make any mistakes in their opinion.

If they are evil they are monsters, they are not somewhere in between. They have power behind them and it is very hard to take them down. Their fear is to be overthrown, it can be in just their school group or in their family or in the government. They also fear for there community, they have to fear for anyone they care for.               Image of respect my Authoritah! From South Park Studios – Comedy Central

I hope you enjoyed my blog about the leader archetype, my next blog will be about the Caregiver archetype because they are like the Leader Archetype in alot of ways.

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