I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another one on Wednesday. Go to Facebook so you can donate to Jump rope for heart. I am hoping to raise atleast 200 or more dollars. I Just has a tiring week so it might be shorter then normal. I think it should be good though.

So on Saturday we woke up and our mom had to go at 9am which I got in alot of steps sorta. I hit 15000 which was nice. I am now hitting 5000 like it is nothing. I think it is really easy. We have to hit 8000 to have soda which is nice. I hate when I dont hit 5000 or 8000. So we played some videogames which was nice. I played some of my favorite videogame which was nice because I haven’t played a lot of it in a while. I found it fun and exciting. So mom came home and I was at 4000 because when our mom came home and asked me if I would like to go to King soopers so I said yes and we Got all the stuff we needed to get and I got a Crystal Pepsi for myself. I liked it. I hit 8000 when we were about to watch a movie so I got another huge soda which nearly touched the top. It also had a straw. I was the only person except Rachel to have some. When we were watching a movie Julie asked for some and mom said No because it wouldn’t be fair for the people who earned it. I even learned a trick. I walk left to right and right to left to get steps on our smaller computer and a box shape on the other. We watched arrival until I got tired and went to the other room with my Ipad and Mom watched the movie entirely because I left and Boston fell asleep. Mom brought Boston to bed and at 12PM I went to bed.

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