Today I will be blogging about Saturn

  1. Saturn is the least dense planet in the solar system, and the second largest.
  2. Saturn is the flattest planet in our solar system due to its size and its rotation being 10 hours and 42 minuets
  3. Saturn has 69 moons and ‘moonlets’ its smallest one is Mimas which is 123 miles big and its largest is Titan 1,600 miles big. It also has 25 uncomfered moons
  4. Saturn is the Roman god of agriculture liberation and time, which also made him the god of wealth.
  5. It takes 29.4 year to fully orbit the sun.
  6. Saturn’s rings are about 30 feet wide, or 10 meters thick, and they are about 175,000 miles wide all together or 282,000 kilometers wide also.
  7.  Saturn’s temperature is -178 Celsius or -288.4 Fahrenheit.                                                                             Image of Saturn from NASA                  I  could not find a minimum to maximum temperature for Saturn.
  8. Saturn is mostly comprised of Hydrogen 94% exact and 3% Helium. The rest is mostly methane, ammonia, acetylene, ethane, propane and phosphine.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, my next one will be about Uranus. I still cant get the formatting to look nice so I have to keep changing it.

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