Scrap mechanic

Hello everyone, Today I am going to write about Scrap mechanic and it’s mechanics. I hope you enjoy. Also, At the end of the blog I am going to tell you why I am not going to blog on Tuesday. Have a nice day and a nice Valentine’s Day.

-Sincerely London

Scrap mechanic is a game where you can build houses or make self driving cars where you start the engine and it will auto turn and not hit stuff by using sensors and to tell the wheels to turn at a certain angle to dodge the tree or rock in your path. The mechanics in the game are pretty cool and It seems like something to be fun to mess with.

One of the most used item in the game is bearing. They turn in a specific angle chosen by the creator of the machine. Doors are usually 90 degrees so it can be fully opened and allow the player in. It is really useful and it can be used like a restraint so it will move in a circle. People can make it used as a robot hand and pick up boxes. I would use it as a car display for an awesome car I made.

Another used tool is thrusters. They are used to make things faster and makes things fly upwards. I’d used it to make things random stuff fly and a elevator to go wherever I would want to. It would probably be one of the first things I would used. But the first thing I would build is a train with rails I could copy and paste and bring builds to and from my base

Okay Everyone, you have waited this entire blog to know why. I’ve decided to make a bigger blog tomorrow about Alligators or Snakes. The way to pick is by commenting in the comments and I will pick the most voted for idea and write about it

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