Sims 4

Photo from Sims wiki

Sims 4 is what I am blogging about today because I enjoy the game. First of all it has many clothing types and categories that you can sort it with, colors , expansion pack , custom content and styles. That makes it easier to find stuff. It also has actual emotions instead of red or green witch kinda bugged me. The custom content is easy to get, and easy to get rid of the bad ones that don’t work well .It doesn’t have anything to buy except the expansion packs, unlike sims 3 which had multiple more thing to buy. It has a lot better expansion packs in my opinion they are not as particular. Plus it looks more realistic than the last sims games. It also has challenges that are very fun to do. The game also has a lot of cool skills and more interactions with other sims. It has a little network of what other pepole who plays sims have published, you can use it yourself too. It’s really awsome also has levels of graphics in many ways, faces, mirrors, and more! Last it is easy to use cheats such as to unlock stuff get money and move stuff and online you can find little challenges, some are hard to understand but they are still fun.

I love the game and hope it adds a pet expansion pack. I hope you all enjoyed my blog!

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  1. Loved it Julie. What a cool idea. Love the color coordination & the thought you can change it around is great.
    It will be great for them to add pets too. Keep us posted Julie . Love Granny

    1. I agree with the color coordination, and the pets. They have added pets to all of the other sims games and they keep hinting they will add pets. Its just a matter of time!

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