Star Wars Christmas Special

Hello everybody, today I’m going to write about this one movie I found called Star Wars Christmas Special. I seen a little of it and it is weird. I hope you enjoy and I’ll write next year about some of my presents and their name (yes I do name some of my presents).


The movie is super weird. It starts with a family of Wookiee’s. The youngest one was annoying another until he saw this table with people on it. They dance and do acrobatics and even make a tower with each other. It ends with them acting like it’s an end of they play

The Writers Thoughts

George Lucas never talked about it except for one quote. He said, “if I had the time or the money, I would track all the copy’s and smash everyone with a sledge hammer. The actors nor the writers have ever said anything about the Movie. I wish they did or even tried to make another. The Christmas Special was only broadcasted once and no official copies were ever made. People recorded it so that’s the way I watched it.

My thoughts

I thought the movie was funny just because of the young Wookiee watching the people dance. I also thought the scroll text was funny because it said how this was the first appearance of Boba Fett and How Princess Leia would sing.

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