Starwars RP

Starwars RP is a game mode on Garry’s mod where you act like a storm trooper or a clone trooper. I played about 10 hours of it and I am a Lance Corporal. I am also in the Medic Battalion where we heal people and it is really fun to be one. I was also a Nova Trooper which is where you protect high-level fleet members which we didn’t do but sounded fun but after a few days, I left. Hopefully today I will be made a sergeant or something higher like Sergeant First Class. I am actually a really good healer because I can figure out who needs healing and I always give ammo

There are events where you get to fight rebels or protect from a rebel. Or droid malfunction where they become evil and attack. I have killed some of the droids which were called mouse droids but somehow they had guns and killed a lot of people. Also, the staff are really nice and are perfect for this server. Even the owner is funny because he always makes me laugh when I watch him play on youtube. I have always wanted to train recruits and that only happens when you hit sergeant which is 2 ranks above me.

I have always found this game mode really entertaining and I always think it is funny when something random happens like when a recruit called them self the Front desk lady who eventually became a naval guard and has a little group of front desk workers.I hope you found this blog entertaining  because I did too and I hope your days will be great and amazing for all of you

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