Hi, today my blog will be about styles for writing, this one might be an absolute wreck. Also please do your research, I really don’t know much about styles at all. I wear pajamas as much as I can and all of the writing is from what I think. I also added the bad ways people see these styles, they can have any personality even though I don’t really talk about that all that much.


Bohemian, light flowy clothing with patterns but not overdone. Someone who dresses bohemian is usually seen as calm, spiritual or adventurous. Some people just see them as stoners.

Chic, very simple and modern. Usually seen as neat, simple but could have any personality because their clothing does not go one way or another. Also can be seen as dull.

Goth, usually wearing full black. Seen as either sad or angry.

Flamboyant. On the verge of too much but where it is at it looks amazing, it’s usually obnoxious and strange. Anyone who dresses like this is usually thought of as wild, fun, dramatic or just unpredictable. Can be seen as crazy.

Preppy, common in college students and bellow. You don’t see many adults wearing this style and they usually change into chic clothing instead of staying in preppy clothing. The clothing looks mildly expensive. If someone wears preppy clothing they might be rich or maybe where or are being spoiled by their parents. They also could be insecure and are trying to hide it. Can be seen as bratty.

Punk, usually darker colors with spikes, the clothing might be a bit much to the eye. They are seen an aggressive, not caring or caring to much. People who wear punk clothing are seen as too opposites, depending on who is looking at them. Older people usually see them as aggressive teens. Others usually see them as sweet passionate people you will see at a protest. Parents can see them as either of those or just see someone misunderstood.

Country. Country doesn’t really add to likely personality. The only thing you can get from this is they may live in the country/did live in the country and may have a country accent. Can be thought of with an obnoxious country accent which is not much.

Opposites, try to make at least one of your characters an opposite. It’s very interesting in a book when a character wears very punk outfits and are seen as ‘scary’ to the protagonist but next time is seen is running down a highway trying to save a dog. Or someone who dresses in only bright colors is seen as a very sweet person and then is caught in a fight, thought to lose and ends up winning easily. Mixes of styles are cool too, like pastel goth and other ones, it makes the character have a bit more depth.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, my next one will be about writing still. Also I forgot to publish it for a while sorry.

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