Sunday (Part 1)

Hey guys and girls. Today I shall write the first part of my blog about last Sunday and what we did. We had a birthday party for our friend, Everett. It was at a Goat farm called, Broken Shovels.  He also has a brother named Thatcher. Boston is  better friends with thatcher and I am better friends with  Everett. We are still all friends. Their were other people. One of their names was Gabriel. but now let me get started with the first part of this big blog.

So Boston, Julie, Rachel, Mom, and I were running a little late so when we got there we went straight to the Goats and we saw Everett and Thatcher’s mom, Anna. I said hi but I noticed Thatcher. The reason why was because he has bright red hair. So I ran to them and they were at the pig pen petting the pigs and talking to each other. Boston and I said Hi to them and they said Hi back. We petted the pigs but shortly after we went to see the cows, I loved petting all the cows except the brown haired one. I thought it was a little shy so I petted the rest. The youngling was the cutest so I petted it the most.

I went to say hi to their other friend with Thatcher so I said hi and went to see the dogs. One was very tired so I didn’t pet him alot. The other one was sad so petted him alot more then the rest.  I petted them for 20 minutes straight combined and left to see the baby goats or as their called, Kids. I didn’t get to hold one but I saw the coolest kid and Mom which are also called nannies. I only knew the moms name, Tripod. She was called Tripod because she only had three legs.

I hope this blog was good and I might write one tommorow


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