Sunday (Part 2)

Hey guys and girls I am finishing the last part of last Sunday. I am doing it for Tomorrow and so I can go to Hot Topic and see our dad. I think the dad part is a little unfair but back to the blog. It will take right after the last part so you should read part one first before this one.

So Tripod was a defensive mother because of her lost leg which is very sad. I saw other Nannies and Kids but didn’t hold any. Boston held a baby goat with Gabriel. Rachel got into the pen with her wheelchair with mom which was cool and she even got to hold one. We left after a few minutes and went out to another area.  Every except me and Everett were playing a game we invented. It is hard to explain but it is like tag. We also found a hill and we climbed it up.

We sorta of played king of the hill and did downhill races which was fun. I never one but I was on the top of the hill the longest so I was the king of the hill. I was tiring but fun. We left because we were to tired to go to their house so we left and I sat in the back. I never fell asleep in the back which was nice and It was very fun to go there and see our friends there.

I hope the blog was good and I will write one on Monday for everyone who likes this blog.

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