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Sorry about all of the pictures but they are all awesome. So here is my blog about my favorite superhero creator named Stan Lee and the super heros he and his company, Marvel, created.  The other main creator of popular comics done by “D. C.” was Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

They are all great creators for example Stan Lee. They all have powerful people and not so powerful people. My favorite universe is marvel because they would win in a fight. Wolverine and Deadpool can’t die.

I have my own ideas as to who would win in a fight  Deadpool or wolverine? [hint is a hero]  The winner would be Wolverine because Deadpool has a little bit of DNA from Wolverine.

Is Iron Man just the same as Batman?  They are both normal people who use their money to make gadgets and suit. They both have huge and famous structures.  They both are rich.  Even though they are the same in a lot of ways, they aren’t the same person.

Here is an interesting question.  Who would win in a fight?  Captain Marvel is from D.C. and Mrs. Marvel is from Marvel.  I think Captain Marvel would win because Captain Marvel can shock Mrs. Marvel, knock her out and throw her in a volcano.

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