Superbowl LII (Spoilers)

This years Superbowl game was played. The game was back and forth with the final score of 41 for the Philadelphia Eagles and 33 for the New England Patriots making this the first Superbowl where the Eagles won. I’ve decided to talk about this years Superbowl as a topic for my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and I will write another soon. Have a nice day like i’m having and I’ll write another blog on Monday or Tuesday about different topic.


Records set 

Even though the Patriots lost they did set a lot of records. My favorite was the most points the losing team had in a Superbowl with 33. The previous score was 26 by the San Diego Chargers in 1995. The Patriots also got the most Superbowls a team have gone to with 10 superbowls. The Eagles didn’t set a new record on their own which sucks a little but at least they one the Superbowl. This Superbowl was also the most yards run by both teams with 1,151.

 Watching the Superbowl

My entire family (except for Julie) watched the Superbowl. We used an antenna but it annoying since it would glitch out if someone moved or sat in this one spot which got very annoying if you were sitting there like I was. We played a drinking but Boston and I used soda instead of alcohol. The rules were weird like if a Philadelphia fan was wearing a dog mask take a sip. We even made our own rule. The rule was if the majority agreed an ad was dumb take a sip. I rooted for the Eagles and the rest of my family rooted for the Patriots.                                                                .

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  1. Nice read, London! I did not know that the Pats had the highest score for the losing team. That is really cool!! Did you know that the SuperBowl is named after the Superball??

  2. That is a lot of records!

    Don’t forget that it is “won a game”. NOT “ one a game.”

    I enjoyed watching it with you even though our team lost. The Eagles played a great game!!

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