Superbowl Sunday.

Hello, today I am writing about Super Bowl Sunday.

The Superbowl is the biggest game of Football each year, Worldwide. This game is where the AFC Champion plays the NFC Champion. This year the AFC Champion is the New England Patriots. Their stadium is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts and is called Gilette Stadium. The NFC Champion is the Philadelphia Eagles. Their stadium is located on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is called Lincoln Financial Stadium. Most Eagle fans call their Stadium “The Linc”.

This year the Superbowl will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday February 4th at 4PM. No team has ever played in their home Stadium. This is because the Superbowl stadium is decided years before the Superbowl is played. This is the second Superbowl ever played in Minneapolis (The First one was in 1992).

This is the Fifty-Second Superbowl. The New England Patriots have been in the last 4/5 Superbowls This almost might be Tom Brady’s last appearance (Sorry Mrs. Donato) in football because he is becoming too old to play. My Mom is looking forward to the  Superbowl because Pink is singing the National Anthem. I am looking forward to the Superbowl because of all the snacks my Mom is going to prepare. We aren’t really interested in Football or the Superbowl but it is free to watch, makes excuses for snacks, and gives us a sense of being connected to other Americans.

I hope you like my Blog and I hope the Patriots win. BYE!


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  1. Go Pats…Loved this Blog. Grandad & I will be watching Super Bowl & thinking of you eating snacks.
    I hope they win as they have worked very hard this season. Gronk is feeling much better & they all flew in the Pats private jet this morning to MN. We look forward to seeing you soon. I have talked to Mum about dates. Love you Granny XX

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