The 100

The 100 is about a group of teenagers and kids used to live on a huge rocket ship that are imprisoned due to them committing a crime (Older than 18 are killed if they commit a crime) and then they are sent to earth to see if it was safe, the protagonist, Clark Griffin who was arrested because she tried to help her dad tell the Sky people( The people who live in the spaceship the ark) that the ark is dying and cannot be saved, to her thinking it was her best friend Wells Jaha but it was her mother Abby Griffin.  When the ship was launched to earth there were 101(One of them was Bellamy Blake who was given a deal with a guard to assassinate to get on the ship to protect his sister Octavia, the person he has to kill is Thelonious Jaha, the leader of the ark he misses but still gravely injures him). One of the people who was launched to earth Octavia Blake was arrested at age 16 due to being born then hidden under the floorboards by her mother and Bellamy her brother, her mother was floated (Killed) because you could only have one child to save resources .

Another person who was launched to earth Was Wells, to talk to Clark to try to become friends again witch failed for the first few days due to her not knowing it was her mother and Wells not telling Clark because she would do something to hurt her mother. When Clark apologized to Wells he was killed that day by a girl named Charlotte who was killing her “Demons” by killing him because she had nightmares of her parents dying and Wells father who commanded it and then she saw Wells and couldn’t deal with it. After the death of Wells Clark tried to figuring out it was and blamed the wrong person due to it was there knife and then Charlotte who was around 10 when this happened and she admitted then everyone tried to kill her except from Clark, Fin and Bellamy Clark and Fin hid her and Bellamy tried to reason with them, witch did not work. Charlotte Clark and Fin hid in a bunker with art supplies Fin and Clark talked while Charlotte pretended to sleep when everyone found Charlotte because she ran away, Clark tried to talk to the people but one grabbed her and put a knife to her throat  and told Charlotte that if she diffident come with him she would kill Clark , so Charlotte jump off the cliff side, Bellamy punched the person then Clark said we need to make rules or we will kill each other off. Clark is the protagonist in the story, the antagonist is the grounders (The people who were born on earth) from what I can tell.The story type is Sci-Fi the conflicts are Man Vs Man, Man Vs Nature, and sorta Man Vs Society from what I know. Clark dated Fin  until Fins supposedly dead girlfriend, Raven Reyes found a way to earth because she was a engineer and Fin and Clark broke up after.  I know in a new season someone is pregnant but I dont know who it is, if it is Clark it will be alot of trouble because she lives on earth with grounders nearby plus her mother would probably kill her, they would have to get her the stuff for it and she is kinda the second leader of the group.

The main character names are Clark Griffin , Well Jaha , Ciharlotte , Bellamy , Octavia, Dr. Abigail Griffin , Finn Collins.


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  1. Good blog with lots of information. There are so many stories going on in this show. I love how you look for the protagonists and antagonists in stories, I think you could make a movie some day.

    Looking forward to more film making.

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