The best time I have had in a while

I had a great day on Saturday and Sunday. We went to a Scout’s overnight at a scout indoor area to do multiple stuff and even earn badges. I dint want to go but after I packed and about  2-3 hours left til we went there I was wanting to go. I do not know why but I did. When we got there we had to put our stuff somewhere and go to a Rock climbing area. When we got there we had to put on a harness and listen about what we had to do. after about 10 minutes we listened to something exciting. There was a machine that was automatic. The other area’s to rock climb weren’t so we had to be hooked up which only two guys could do  so only 3 people went up at a time. I only did one non automatic one and the 2 other times were the automatic one’s. I didn’t ever reach the top but I still had fun.

After rock climbing was done, We went to a BB gun range. There was only snipers but we did the same things as in rock climbing. I nearly got a bulls eye  but I was a inch away.  I was defiantly better than Boston. My favorite thing was reloading  the gun because I was so fast. I got a extra bullet which I didn’t tell anyone till we finished. I had alot of fun there. We earned a badge there and it was cool. we got to shoot 5 more shots then the rest of the kids because we were Webelos and we had to shoot 5 more bullets to earn the badges. It made me want to own a BB gun.

So after we finished putting the guns away and making sure we didn’t leave a mess, We went to eat dinner. We got our own pizza. We had to wait so the other kids pizza came in but it turned out we had to wait 15 minutes to eat it but we were still happy. We got to wait inside the kitchen which was fun. I got 5 slices and Boston had 3. I personally think it is better then regular pizza not because I am vegan but it has a better taste. We also tried a new drink, Tang. Boston had alot of it.

After finishing eating and setting up our beds, A announcement was made the we all had a another class. We had S.T.E.M. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and math. I like it alot because I am good at all of those. We first learned about Chemical changes. There was a equation. C202 + H20 + O2 = ? . It turned out we learned about density too. We also made Elephant Toothpaste. Boston and me got our own things to make because we were the only people at our table so we got our own things to make elephant toothpaste and demonstrate Density. After we made shirts but there was a few rules. They were, We had to have some dots, We need our scout troop number, and we needed our scouts rank. I decided to make it mostly with dots. I followed all the rules but eventually everyone was following what I was doing. at the end, I found bigger markers and filled up my entire hands with markers and made a huge noise. We dabbed rubbing alcohol on it and made the marker spread around and the shirts look cool. I put my shirt in the cup which actually changed the color of the cup!!!

After Stem, We were going to watch a movie or go to bed, I chose bed but I could still watch it a little. After a little while, I decided to help a little with the snack area. I shortly went to the bed and fell asleep. at around 5 AM,  I woke up and have to go to the bathroom, It took about 30 minutes but I finally fell asleep again. at 7 AM, I went to the bathroom and helped out in the kitchen for breakfast.  We had Oatmeal, Bagels, Coffee, Tang, and Apple Juice. I  was in there for around a hour. 30 minutes in, I woke up Boston and gave him breakfast. He ate some of it but annoyed a  another kid and me. I was so annoying. After awhile, We finally went home and after awhile, went to our friends house.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another one on Wednesday.

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  1. London! This is a great blog with lots of details, I love it. I’m glad you are enjoying boy scouts, I figured you would after you got to know people. Looking forward to hearing how much fun you have on Saturday at winter games.

    Keep it up and you’ll go far with scouts. <3

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