The Caregiver archetype

Today my blog will be about the Caregiver archetype. They are happy when everyone around is happy and they need to care for the people around them otherwise they will become sad.

They are not necessarily parents but they have parental instincts.(Usually but not necessary). They care a lot and break down a lot but hide it very well (opinion not fact). They also care for animals well. There heart goes out to everyone. They try to keep everything perfect and keep evil away.

Their bad side is there reactions, they are over condescending to who they love and they are considered perfect and people try to act like them (Which can go any which way). They also like attention because all the good they do and then dramatize it. They are easily pushed around. They also still ignore people who need help sometimes because they don’t want to strain there family. They may act like total jerks but they are trying to be good people (they may fail a lot at being good)

I hope you enjoyed my blog. The next one will be about the explorer archetype. I am also going back to writing about gods, I’m not sure when or if still Norse gods but I’m going to.

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  1. Don’t forget to categorize, tag and add a featured image to each blog.

    I can see a lot of qualities in parents to the Caregiver but I agree that you don’t have to be a parent in order to have Caregiver qualities. I can see some Caregiver qualities in you with your brothers.

    Love you

    1. Thanks for the correction and yeah, everyone has a bit of each archetype in them. That’s what makes us us, I guess people are like a recipe with archetypes, 2 parts Caregiver 1/2 part Innocent archetype and so on.

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