The Coldmageddon in our family

Our family has not been feeling well for a while and it has been about 5 to 4 days for me but it is longer for the rest except  Julie I think and maybe Todd. It has been getting really bad now. Rachel has puked. Mom has been more tired lately and she has had it for a week now. I feel so bad for both of them but at least Rachel is back at school and is learning a little every day. he will also be excited to see Sarah because she loves her. I also think it is really sweet that she always want to see her.

When our mom is tired when being sick, I get here a blanket and she watches here favorite TV show, Z nation which I watch with her sometimes. On another note her other favorite show, This Is Us aired the first episode of season 2 and Modern family has a new episode too so we got alot too watch now. So I am really excited because I loved the Finding Fizbo episode so I will love this one as much as the last. I seen all the Episodes to Modern family so I am pretty proud of my streak.

A quick note but Boston got a bad cough so he couldn’t go to school

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this blog and I will write another one soon


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